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About me
Hi my name is Emanuel.

I am a Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Coach based out of New York City.

Having played semi-professional sports and having served in the military I know a thing or two about organizing a schedule, committing to a goal, keeping oneself motivated and accountable in order to get results.

While holding multiple certifications in a wide range of disciplines, I specialize in Fitness and Nutrition Coaching, with sub specialties Weight-loss, Pre/Post Natal and Corrective Exercise(Pre/Post Rehab) just to name a few.

My Fitness & Nutrition coaching programs help busy parents over 30 lose unwanted weight, gain muscle and improve overall health and appearance in the limited time that they have.

My unique approach will help you transform both your body and mind based on your lifestyle.

As your Fitness & Nutrition coach I am committed to helping you reach your goals by designing YOUR personalized exercise and nutrition coaching programs that fit your lifestyle.

We go at a pace that is sustainable and manageable for you and tweak the program as needed to ensure you get the results you want without overwhelm or over-restriction.
There is NO cookie-cutter programs!
But don't just take my word for it...

Here Are What Some Of My Clients Say:

"Not only did I accomplish my goal (strength and endurance elements for specific test) within 30 days of working out with Emanuel, I actually enjoyed doing it as well! :)
It was amazing to feel as if my goals were his goals and we both worked in unison to make them happen."
~ Jo K.
"I've worked with Emanuel on-and-off for a while now, and it has been a great experience. He is the total package as a trainer - knowledgeable, friendly, motivating, and just a great guy. He constantly mixes it up so workouts never become boring. He knows exactly when to push you, and when to ease up. Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone up, or pack on muscle, I would highly recommend Emanuel."
~ Joseph L.
"I started my first-ever personal training/coaching session with Emanuel, and admit to absolutely dreading it...but because I was denying my out-of-control weight gain. 
Instead of negative feedback from him, Emanuel simply got me in the right state of mind by cheerfully pushing my physical ability - one step at a time. No pressure - but he's no pushover, either. 
He knows his stuff and can accurately assess yours.
Long story short: 
- I'm wearing slacks that hadn't been worn in over a year (or two)...
- No more safety-pinning blouses in front to keep them closed...
- My knees stop hurting when climbing stairs."
~ Brenda J.
"This is the first time I have worked out regularly in 15 years-- and the first time I have worked w/a personal trainer/fitness coach on a consistent basis. It makes all the difference in the world! Not only is Emanuel knowledgeable and personable, but he keeps every workout varied so you will never be bored with the same routine. He is very encouraging and is also coaching me with my diet. Plus, he sends emails with motivation articles and tips-- they remind you to keep yourself in check, and make better choices. As frustrating as exercise can be, it has given me more energy and made me realize that it's never too late to change."
~ Tricia K.

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No B.S. result driven personal coaching program works...
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DISCLAIMER: Programs and information are for informational and educational purposes only. Not intended to be nor should be interpreted as diet or nutritional advice, instruction or guidance. Any changes to your diet or nutritional plans should be reviewed and approved by your physician or Registered Dietitian prior to engaging in any new dietary changes.
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