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1on1 Coaching
Personalized attention with all the support and accountability one may need.
Online Fitness Coaching
Being geographically independed from New York to California and from Canada to Texas, I will always meet you where you are!
Online Nutrition Coaching
If you have tried dieting before, this time it’s going to be different. With my Guidance, Motivation and Accountability you will learn to implement healthy, manageable, nutritional practices for the rest of your life and the results will speak for themselves!
Hybrid Fitness/Nutrition
This program is combining the best of both worlds. 
The value of immediate feedback and personal attention of the 1on1 and the affordability and ongoing support through the online component.
DISCLAIMER: Programs and information are for informational and educational purposes only. Not intended to be nor should be interpreted as diet or nutritional advice, instruction or guidance. Any changes to your diet or nutritional plans should be reviewed and approved by your physician or Registered Dietitian prior to engaging in any new dietary changes.
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